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Rak Razam is a freelance writer, journalist, copywriter, editor and media provocateur specialising in writing and editing books (fiction and non-fiction); scripts for the screen and feature articles.

Two of his books: AYA, a shamanic odyssey, a travel-
memoir of his time with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and a companion volume of interviews: The Ayahuasca Sessions, are due out in April, 2009 from Icaro Publishing.

He is also the editor of The Journeybook a collected anthology of psychedelic writing from Undergrowth publishing, out now.

In his ten-year freelance career he has written and edited for magazines and companies including The Age, the Australian newspaper, Dazed & Confused, High Times, Tekno Renegade Magazine (TRM), Gizmag.com, EnTrance digital magazine, Sensis (AUS), Bread TV and See advertising. He is currently the gonzo reporter-at-large for Australian Penthouse and is writing for and editing Undergrowth magazine online, which he co-founded in 2004.

He has interviewed and written about Hollywood filmaker Jan Kounen, LSD creator Albert Hofmann, the psychedelic movement, the shamans of Peru and ayahuasca culture, Rael of the UFO Raelian religion, Aussie poker champ Joe Hachem, dance festival culture, the marijuana industry, old growth forests and environmental activism, anti-globalisation activists, Australian counter-culturalist writer Richard Neville, electronic musician Ollie Olsen and many other luminaries.

His short stories have been published in Alternative Australia: Celebrating Cultural Diversity (excerpts of which were read on JJJ national radio), FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dancefloor; Global Eyes Electronic Music Yearbook; The Program.net, the Future Cities Project and his short story collection Psyence Fiction is available from Undergrowth Publishing and is chocked full of street level science fiction for the turbulent times we live through.
To view a video resume click here.
He is available for freelance hire.


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